Saturday, November 1, 2014

What's New!

Hello, November! Unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, November is a good month to stay tucked away in the studio producing, producing, producing! And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll say no more...

   Lichen and Lychee                                       JazznJewelry

 lsueszabo                                                  Amity Jewelry

 Form and Funktion                                 Jewelry by Francine

 Lauren Meredith                              Peggie Calame Jewelry

             Michele Grady Designs                             Fluxplay Jewellery

 Nina Gibson Designs                                           LjBjewelry

                                  Prox                                               SCJJewelryDesign

     ZLeslieJewelry                                               betsybensen

          Victoria Takahashi/Experimetal                    Sarah Hood Jewelry

1 comment:

Jessica @ said...

Loving all the new pieces. I could totally wear every single one. You guys are so inspiring. I really need to get to posting some new work on my site!

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