Friday, October 3, 2014

Charm Swap 14 Update.....

Hi All! We are wrapping up our latest charm swap and boy do i have some updates for you! Lots of really cool charms are being wrapped and getting ready to ship out! So without further a due ...

Leslie from ZLeslieJewelry sends this photo and says "Here they are, the little ivy leaves. The good news is that it's not far from Portland to Olympia, so they won't be all that late." They look great Leslie! 

Last week Meg from SimplyMega Sent us this photo but I did not get a chance to post last week.... Meg said" now to decide which one and get making!"

From the photo Meg sent this week it looks like she decided on the middle apple with the sterling seeds...They look simply delicious! 

We also have a photo from Nina of NinaGibsonDesigns who says "Done! I thought I'd never finish! I do not ever want to work with silver-filled again! It was much more difficult than I thought! Anyway... they are finished! I am packaging them up now and they'll be in the mail hopefully today." Nina, I think they look great and the charm swap is always a great time to try new materials and processes. You will never know if you don't experiment! 

Renee of Panicmama totally changed her design from an etched piece to these cute little cast owls! Renee says "Finally on the way to Laney! Should arrive Friday!" Way to go Renee! 

Shannon from RubyGirl has finished her charms too and they are on their way to Laney! Good job Shannon!

Sue from Tinkertown also has an update for us... She says" Weeeeee! I'm done!
I have really enjoyed doing this. Made me feel like I'm a part of something way cool." And your charms are way cool Sue! They turned out great! 

Victoria from Experimetal has an update as well.... "I just needs another bath in some magic pickle, oxidize, sanding, polishing, snap sets, jump rings and  then package these puppies up and we are good to go!" Looking good Vic! 

She also says " I decided to make little boxes for them today" How cute are these!

And last but not least Laney from SilentGoddess sends us this update..."Wouldn't you know... When I finally get an idea figured out and start to execute it, I get busy with paying customers. No worries! I made some progress with my saw this week." 

It's OK Laney...there are still a few of us who are just as behind as you! My charms wont ship out until next week!

well that's all for now...until next time ~ Michele from MicheleGradyDesigns

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