Friday, September 12, 2014

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 14 Weekly Update

This week's EM Charm Swap blog post is brought to you by Laney of Silentgoddess. I am filling in this week for my swap co-curator, Michele of MicheleGradyDesigns.

It is an exciting time for the charm swappers. Our September 30 due date is fast approaching and we have lots of updates to share. Pretty soon my mailbox will be brimming with packages from across the globe full of amazing charms. Once I have them all, I will swap them out, creating 20 packages of assorted charms and those charms will then head back across the globe to their new owners. There will be two full sets of charms remaining. One of the extra sets will be assembled to create an amazing, one of a kind charm bracelet that will be offered for sale in our team's EtsyMetal Etsy store. The remaining set of charms will be separated and each one will be offered individually for sale in our team's store. That is YOUR chance to get one (or more) of these charms for your own collection! Don't delay, however, as these tend to sell quick!

So without further ado:

Nina of NinaGibsonDesigns says:

"At long last - I have a progress shot."

Next up is an update from Laura Pacino of SimplyAdorning.
Laura says:

"I've finally decided on what I'm making and have a first progress shot! They will be sterling charm sized bezeled dichroic cabs with vine borders, similar to the small pendant in the photo."

Renee of Panicmama Jewelry by Renee Ford offered up a nice triptych of photos for her update.
Renee says:

"I decided to go with a wax carving I made of an owl. I am casting in bronze and excited to see this little guy in metal!"

Betsy of BetsyBensen is DONE with her charms.
Betsy says:

"Here are my charms, still trying to come up with a clever title..."

Laney of Silentgoddess finally stepped up to the plate.
Here is what she has to say about her charms.

"Well... I figured out what my basic shape is today. You all must know by now that I work best under a close deadline, and this is no different! Since Shannon is doing the epic hammer design I thought we needed an anvil to go with it. I drew this up and have started the task of sawing them out:"

And last, but never least, is an update from Sue of TinkerSue

"I see the finish line in sight!

Here are all of the finished parts awaiting assembly."

"And a "bouquet" of the stems with my makers mark:"

So that covers it for this week! Stay tuned as we reach the conclusion to the EtsyMetal Charm Swap 14.
Thanks all!

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