Wednesday, April 9, 2014

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 13 - Slowly but surely!

As our due date passes, many of us are still furiously creating and trying to finish our charms.  It was a busy winter and time sometimes gets away from us...myself included.  Many charms arrived and several are very close to being finished.  Here is this weeks update on progress and several finished, shipped, and arrived charms.

The piggie butts, doll arms, lucky pennies, and hand engraved feather charms have arrived safely to our Charm Manager!
L. Sue Szabo
Quench Metalworks

Nina Gibson Designs

These are freshly finished & on their way!

CitiZen Objects

Amuck Design

The following are so close to being finished!  Can't wait to see them completed!

Based on a rune symbol, Laney of Silent Goddess has etched these beautiful little ancient symbols in brass.
Silent Goddess

 Taking a poll from fellow charm swappers, Renee of Panicmama Jewelry decided on a shiny finish but a lone oxidized one still made the bunch!
Panicmama Jewelry

Stay tuned to see more previews of charms next week!


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