Thursday, September 19, 2013

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 12 Update

It has been FAR too long since I blogged about the EM charm swap. Have I even blogged this go-around? I don't know. But onward and upward! I am blogging today and I have some serious charm swap eye candy to share! Here is what is happening to date (mind you the deadline is FAST approaching, just right around the corner at the end of September)!

Lou of PeculiarForest gave us a sneak peak at some stamped charm possibilities:

Meg of SimplyMega is showing us her funny side with this happy prototype:

Sara of sarawestermark offered up a cool in-progress shot as well as a finished product shot of her charms. She has named these beauties: Tidal Pools

Sue of lsueszabo is finished too! Aren't these tiny spectacles awesome?

Nina of ninagibsondesigns has created a stunning feather design for her charms. Here is a couple pictures she shared:

And last, but far from least is Shae of citizenobjects shows us the progress of her charms. She never disappoints!

So. That is our progress this far! Pretty crazy neat, no?

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