Wednesday, December 12, 2012

EMJC–December 2012–“Henri Matisse”

Our December challenge due to November 30 was :
Inspired by
Henri Matisse

Deborah Lee Taylor – e5 Jewelry
“This piece is Based on Matisse and His Models.
This quote of his writing inspired this necklace.
…“Matisse was 70, sick, helpless, fearful for his family and friends, and appalled by what had happened to his country. All he could do was work, but he said he dreaded the daily confrontation with form and color on canvas so much that he couldn’t face it without the consoling human presence of the pretty young film extras he paid to pose for him. That’s what keeps me there, surrounded by my fruit and flowers which I get to grips with little by little, almost without noticing . . . and then I wait for the thunderbolt that is bound to follow.”
Bone, sterling silver, nugold brass, bronze metal clay, bronze wire, iolite, wood and amazonite bead.”

Anne Walker Jewelry
“In the past, I have made several pieces rather literally inspired by Matisse's paper cutouts. This asymmetrical dove pendant is one I made a while ago, but it has been sitting on my bench waiting to be finished. This challenge gave me the motivation to do just that, and it will be listed in my Etsy shop soon.”

Fabulous ladies !
Our January challenge due to December 31st is:
And the color is ……

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