Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ask Auntie EM - The Aunties MEET!

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SO...dear readers...this week we have NO QUESTIONS!  Well, that's not entirely true...we have one question but Sue is working on it for next week...but we are out of questions.  So, we thought we'd tell you about an actual Auntie EM meet up a few weeks ago in Chicago at SOFA.  It's true...Sue and Ann have met in person.  It was a glorious meeting, filled with excellent art, wonderful food, lots of laughs and expensive handbags.  Sue and her husband are fabulous and fun and really, really funny.  It was an amazing weekend.  

Did we take photos of artwork we love?   Yup.  Did we document who's artwork it was?  Nope.  Were we a little drunk at the opening and we just plumb forgot...maybe.  We did have the most amazing time trying on all sorts of jewelry and accessories from galleries near and far, I swear.  

Sue here- I'd just like to jump in for a moment and second what Ann has said- we had a lot of fun shopping and looking at the jewelry at SOFA.  So many amazing metalsmiths.  It was awesome shopping with Ann, she knows great work when she sees it. It was also really cool to being able to talk about the work with another smith while we browsed.  Let me tell you about my friend Ann, she is witty, sharp, whip-smart and funny.   I wished we had more time- our visit was short but sweet.  And now Ann will continue the narration..... take it away.

So, here are some photos from that weekend meetup

This is at SOFA on Thursday night.  Notice Sue's excellent necklace and my crazy eyes.  
ann hartley and me

After an excellent evening at SOFA we went to Nellcote for dinner.  Amazing.  I live in a culinary wasteland so a fancy dinner was just what I needed.  Here is Sue and I at dinner

At Nellcôte in Chicago

Sue and her husband and I stayed at the Sofitel, which was also amazing.  I highly recommend it.  Here is the view from my room

And our amazing breakfast the next morning.  This...is a quiche and it was incredible

All good things must come to an end and, after one last trip to SOFA again on Friday, I had to head home.  Here is Sue and I at Navy Pier on my way out of town

So, have I bored you all to tears?  Never want to read such drivel again?  Well, it's sort of your fault...if I had a question to answer, you'd be reading about metalsmithing.  HAHA!  So, really, send us some questions!!  We are dying to answer them!  Email them to askauntie@etsymetal.com and we will get right on it.  Until next week, happy metalsmithing!

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