Sunday, September 2, 2012

EMJC - September 2012–Hammers

Our September challenge due to August 31st was:
Show us what you can do with your favorite hammer.
Please post the picture of the hammer you used as well.

It’s amazing to see what we came out with !

Inbar Bareket
“My Favorite is on the left and I used it a the beginning. He did the work but way too slowly... So I changed hammers at one point to the right one.”

Maria Whetman / fluxplay
3maria 4maria
“I decided to make some beads on a bangle with my reclaimed tins as an accent instead of the main event. Each bead has a different texture and metals combination consisting of either silver, brass, bronze, copper or recycled tins. The catch-bead is a teeny weeny recycled tins 'cabochon'.
These were made using my 3 fave hammers but my most fave is the littlest, scruffy one, which was £2 at a cheap tool shop, I like its weight, balance and slightly pointed ball-pein head.”

Deborah Lee Taylor / e5 jewelry
“I was going to keep making the chain, but decided to have it be adjustable.. Used my cheap chasing hammer.. I think it's because of how light it is, my hands don't bother me at all when I'm hammering with this one for some reason..”

Kate Jones Jewelry
“Lately, I have been forging a series of simple hoop earrings. The hammer that I used is is nice and light, and was about $5., 20 years ago. It is the one I use most often of the few hammers I have. Lightly planished earrings made from 1.8mm square wire...”

Michele Grady Designs
“Turquoise and Black Onyx Necklace.
I used 2 of my favorite hammers (and the anvil they are laying on) for this piece. The metal hammer to add the texture and the raw hide mallet to flatten the piece as it curled up.”

L. Sue Szabo
“I've been doing some anti-clastic raising and shell forming lately. here's a couple examples and my hammers.”

“Well, I finally finished my pendant/necklace. I used my favorite hammer, I cut lines in the head of your average hammer with my disc cutter, in a criss cross design. I used it to texture the pendant. Having problems getting some good photos, hope these are ok, and that I am also doing this right. Of course love everyone elses work, just fabo!!”

Rebecca Bogan / Adobe Sol Designs
16rebecca17 rebecca
Hammered Riveted Earrings.

Our next challenge due to September 30  is:
Your free interpretation.
Enjoy !


Fluxplay Jewellery. said...

Funny how we all have a hammer in common!

uk diamond dealers said...

Amazing work with these hammers.Thanks for sharing these design ideas.

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