Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Charm Swap 10"

Welcome to Charm Swap 10! This April we are starting our 10th charm swap. I, Ruby, and Renee will be co-curating. We are both so excited to be working on this project, it is such a fun collaboration!

The Etsymetal team does two charm swaps per year. One in April, one in October. When a new swap begins, a signup list is created. Each swap involves 20 members. Each participant creates twenty two charms. At the end of the swap, all charms are sent to the curator, (Renee) who then sorts them into collections. Every participant will receive one of every charm.
Forty charms, two from each contributor will remain.
Using one charm from each artist, a wonderful charm bracelet is created to be sold in the Etsymetal team shop . The other twenty charms are sold individually in the team shop.

Half of the proceeds from the sale of the bracelet go to the Etsymetal Youth Outreach Program. The curator chooses a Youth Art Organization to donate to. I will announce the recipient as soon as it has been selected.

We started signups last week, already we have a full swap!
I will be updating weekly with tidbits and sneak peaks as the artists start the creative process.
Here is a list of the participants in CS10:

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