Thursday, January 26, 2012

Charm Swap Update

I am typing this week with a wrist brace on my right hand so I will keep my own words to the bare minimum.

I do have some really cool progress photos to share from Victoria with Experimetal. She is DONE with her charms!!! I want some suspense to build however, so I am only going to show you a couple of pictures this week:

Victoria says she has been a little addicted to working with leather lately. Wait until you see the finished charms. They are phenomenal!

There has been quite a bit more chatter regarding charms going on with swap participants lately. I can't wait to see more progress photos and share them with you next week.

Until next time...


Charm Bracelets said...

Of course they look awesome.The leather combination has truly worked out beautifully for the creator.

Cori Marie said...

so cool. I am sure the finished charms are going to look great.

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