Monday, February 28, 2011

EtsyMetal Charm Swap 7 !!!

Hi my name is Victoria Takahashi. Shannon Conrad and I will be hosting this new round of EtsyMetal Charm Swap! I will be blogging and Shannon will be receiving and shipping. This will be the teams' 7th charm swap to date. As we go, we will be reporting on our progress. It is always an exciting venture to watch the pieces come to life as the weeks slip by.

The ideas are starting to come in.  Below is the first sneak peak of ideas of what some of our participants will be making!

A little bit of history about our EtsyMetal Charm Swaps:
Currently we have completed 6 bracelet swaps to date. (see picture above)
It all began in August 2007 when I was wanting to trade a little piece of art in form of a charm with anyone who wanted one from me, so I did a shout out to my fellow team members for this desired trade. It sprang to life all on its own, slowly defining and becoming a reality and a really fun collaboration of metalsmiths. It really is a joyous feeling to be able to have a small piece of art from new and old friends. And so we have continued having these swaps, we plan to have them twice a year as of right now. Each swap having a maximum of 20 participants each.

At the end of the swap a completed bracelet and extra individual charms will be available in our EtsyMetal Team shop. To date, Bracelets 1 through 4 have been sold, and bracelets 5 and 6 will be listed in our team shop soon!
Half of the proceeds collected upon sale of the bracelet will go towards our EtsyMetal Youth Outreach Program. We will donate 50% to curators choice of a Youth Art Organization.

Shannon Conrad of RubyGirl
is thinking of making these cute little Hare charms possibly out of Shibuichi!

Meg Auth of SimplyMegA
is thinking of making sweet little shell charms like her earring above for this swap!

 Andrea Ring of AmuckDesign
is making a charm along the lines of these awesome earrings above for her charm!

...and I, Victoria Takahashi of Experimetal
 will be making an articulated bird charm. My prototypes are mocked up and I am currently working all the little kinks out!

Other members who have checked in this week:
Shae Freeman of CitizenObjects says, "I have three different ideas and piles of parts for all of them!"
Sue Szabo of LSueSzabo says, "I haven't started mine and I'd better get it into gear."
Ann Jenkins of Tuizui says, "She is getting to work!"
Thank You for reading and please stay tuned for our upcoming progress reports!

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