Friday, October 22, 2010

RAD Deadline in 3 days!

Mosaic features rings submitted to the Ring a Day Group Pool
Colleen Baran, Danielle Miller, Shannon Conrad,
Dee Malodora, Nina Dinoff, Victoria Takahashi,
Laurie Brown, Andrea Ring and Evelyn Markasky

Here's a quick reminder to all who have participated in the Ring a Day project. The deadline to submit your rings for the SNAG exhibition at PUNCH gallery is Monday, October 25th at midnight PST. To be eligible to submit to the exhibition, you had to have posted a ring to the Flickr Ring a Day group pool prior to October 1, 2010.

It doesn't matter if you only posted one ring or 280 rings. We would like to show the scope of the project to include both the hardcore ring makers who have tirelessly kept on making rings and those who tried it for a few days; professional metalsmiths and novices; traditional and conceptual artists; teachers and students. This project belongs to all of us and in some small way, we have all journeyed along together.

Request an official submission form from

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