Saturday, December 5, 2009

Etsy Metal Pendant Swap

A couple months back in our team forum, - for EtsyMetal team, a pendant swap. 3 other ladies wanted to trade. So we made a swap.

And *WOW*.

How lucky I am these extremely talented artists wanted to swap!

wow, wow, wow.

Everyone went above and beyond, and pulled out the stops.

So thank you all - I feel blessed to have such a wonderful collection.

left to right:

tuizui, Andes Cruz Designs, howlindoggie, nanopod

And Below - detail shots: (top to bottom)

howlindoggie - Ceeb Wasserman

nanopod - Tosca Teran


Andes Cruz Designs


Experimetal said...

wow those are gorgeous!
lucky girls and a great swap!

is Tosca's pendant glass and metal?
I cannot see the tendrils on the side are those glass!?

Inbar Bareket said...

I give 4 WOWs here!
The are all stunning!
I like the swap idea!

When I study metalsmiting I was sure I am going to do earrings and earrings and... earrings. Looking at my creations - I find pendants, pendants, and pendants.... and a little of everything else. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

@Experimetal - they are metal and glass and enamel as well. truly amazing works of art. she has them posted in flickr... and on FB :)

Ashley said...

DANG, those are awesome! Now I'm jealous that I didn't participate. I want one of each!

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