Monday, July 6, 2009

SNAG Conference 2009

The Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) is,

"an international educational nonprofit organization, founded in 1969. Membership is open to anyone passionate about jewelry, design and metalsmithing. SNAG supports and advances the professional practice of artists, designers, jewelers and metalsmiths. Through education, innovation, and leadership, SNAG provides access to a vibrant and passionate community."

Many of our etsymetal members are also members of SNAG. Each year SNAG holds a conference in a different city somewhere in the United States. This year the conference was in Philadelphia, May 20-23rd. Titled, "Revolution", the conference was supposed to be about Revolutions in the metalsmithing field. Doug Bucci, one of the co-chairs of the conference said that the conference would, "provide the critical context to consider the future of our profession, provide us the opportunity to reflect upon our history, and ultimately celebrate the independent thinkers and decisive movements that ensure change, growth and evolution in our discipline."

The conference lineup/highlights:
Professional Development Seminar- focused on Web marketing and galleries
Pin Swap (crazy fun meet and greet + lots of new goodies!)
Vendor Room (lots of tools!)
Stanley Lechtzin- American Metalsmithing
Leo Caballero (founder of Klimt02)- Globally Networking in a Global Community
Neri Oxman- Craft by Ecology
Camille Paglia- Art and Sex
Myra Mimlitsch Gray- Anti/Icono/Clastic
Portfolio Reviews
Gallery Night Tour- shows at local galleries including Wexler Gallery, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia Art Alliance, etc.
Panel Revolution/Evolution- moderated by Helen Williams Drutt English
Albert Paley
Education Dialog

As a first time conference attendee, it was a somewhat overwhelming experience, but TOTALLY worthwhile. I met so many amazing people, made so many great contacts, learned a lot, and left feeling inspired, enriched and invigorated. I feel like it was a great networking opportunity, but also a really good educational experience. It was really expensive but I plan on doing it again...totally worth it. I think it is important for people working in this field to be aware of what else is going on in the field, to know the other people working in the field, and to share what they are doing with others. I highly recommend attending the conference in Houston next year!

Read more about the conference experience on the blogs of the official SNAG bloggers for this year's conference:

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