Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pouring an ingot for wire

My husband and I recently cast some wire ingots with my clean gold scrap. Here is a quick tutorial for you. Don't forget...Be safe...always wear safety glasses, protective clothing and have adequate ventilation!
  • Coat the inside of the ingot mold with the carbon soot from a reducing (smoking) flame. You do this by limiting the amount of oxygen to your torch. This soot acts like a lubricant, allowing your metal will pop out of the ingot more easily.

  • Pre-heat the mold in a kiln or with your torch. This will dry out any moisture in the mold and help prevent the metal from chilling too quickly when pouring it into the mold.

  • Put your dry and clean metal in a pouring crucible with a dash of dry casting flux

  • It is best to have your ingot and crucible in a line for a smooth pour (left to right for right-handers OR right to left for south-paws). Begin to heat your metal...

  • Melt your metal until it has a fluid (mercury-like) quality. When the metal is ready, position the crucible's rim next to the mold and pour. This will take practice, you are looking for a single consistent stream of metal for a pour. It is important that the flame is always on the metal during the melt AND pour.

  • Let everything cool for a minute.

  • Remove mold clamp and inspect the ingot for voids, cracks or any other flaws.

  • Cut off the top button and file away any flashing. Isn't it pretty?
Tune in next Wednesday for....turning it into wire! Thanks for reading.


Beth Cyr said...

oh excellent!
thanks danielle!!!! - was that a big hunk of gold?!

Ashley said...

Thanks for posting this Danielle! I haven't done this since college.

Yellowgoat said...

This is the exact tutorial I need. I've been researching on how to recyle my metal. ;D excellent.

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