Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sarah Hood Jewelry

Sarah Hood is an amazing artist whose jewelry reflects the beauty and simplicity of nature. Utilizing a variety of techniques and materials, Hood creates wonderous pieces that take you to fantastical places. I have been an admirer of Hood's work for many years now and am so excited that she is part of Etsy Metal.

"I've come to see jewelry making as a way to explore my somewhat disparate interests in a very direct and inclusive way. My enthusiasm for gardening, botany, literature, children's toys, eastern philosophy, and travel all somehow make their way into my jewelry. Often these subjects inspire tangents in my work that I find totally compelling, and I find the small scale of jewelry perfect for exploring a concept to the point of exhaustion. Collecting, organizing, studying, venerating, and obsessing all come together for me in these small sculptures. There is no material that is too mundane. Everything from dead leaves to doll arms to diamonds are treated equally, and sometimes the resulting pieces tell me more about what I value than I knew when I started."

After studying metalsmithing at a small college in California, Sarah Hood went on to formalize her studies at Parsons School of Design in New York while simultaneously earning a degree in Writing at the New School. After earning a BA, Hood went on to finish her BFA at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, where she now lives and works.

You can find more of Sarah Hood's work in her Etsy Shop as well as her Website.

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Unknown said...

Wonderful designs.I love it.I have some of the collections.Thanks for sharing !

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