Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine's Sale!!

That's right! EtsyMetal is having a fabulous sale for Valentine's Day! So get that one you love (yourself even) a special gift this holiday.

Spread the love and make sure to check out all these participating shops:

Nina Dinoff -
Beth Cyr -
Rachael Sudlow -
Kathryn Riechert -
Ashley Akers -
Catherine Chandler -
Wildflowerdesings -
Shannon Conrad -
Nina Gibson -
Clare Stoker-Ring -
DuckDuckGooseStuff -
Moira K. Lime -
Kathleen Bostick -
Elizabeth Scott -
Honeybee -
JudyB -
Melissa Bradley -
Nanopod -
Metalnat -
Alicia Istanbul -
Discomedusa -
Mkwind -
EmeliaRo -
Rebekah Meddles -
BlindSpotJewellery -
Debora De Stefanis -
NectarJewelry -
Elizabeth Rosas -


Rachael sudlow said...

SWEET! Just went through my shop & put 20 or so things on sale in a special 'valentines sale' section

bcyrjewelry said...

Yeah! Me too Rachael!

duckduck said...

I wanted to do a shop-wide sale, so buyers have three options - applying the discount in paypal, waiting for a revised invoice, or paying immediately and waiting for a partial refund... I'm hoping it doesn't seem too complicated (and I got a couple of sales already, so I don't think it is!)

hoganfe handbags said...

All the VDay items are amazing!
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