Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Charm Swap

Etsymetal is a very active group. We have a lot of different projects going on, but my favorite is this one- our Charm Swap, organized by Victoria Takahashi/experimetal. About twenty of us are exchanging charms. This is one of the first batches of charms to be finished, by Nina Gibson. They're little books with real paper! Victoria's charms are also finished, in a design similar to her stunning Amoeba Necklace (below.) Beautiful charms by ashleyjewelry and nyhedy are completed as well.

Check back soon for more on the progress of our charms, and see our flickr for recent charm pictures.


ExperiMetal said...
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ExperiMetal said...

I originally was just being greedy and was asking my other EtsyMetal street team members if they were interested in trading me a charms so I could have a bracelet of charms of thiers...and then before we all new it half of our members wanted to trade! So its really been a fun learning experience as well. Organizing this was a bit confusing at first, but Im glad we all stuck with it and have figured it out, as the next time it will be very smooth!

Special thanks to: ESDesigns.etsy.com for making the actual bracelet for the one "Charming" bracelet that will be for the public... We have not decided when that will be posted or how it will be available just yet, so please keep your eye on this if you are interested.
So "Thank You Elizabeth!"
and also special thanks to:
BCYRJewelry.etsy.com for being our guru shipping organizer, phew, she is a brave woman, "Thank You Beth!"

I am just so excited to get a bracelet, all these charms are fantastic so far, its such an honor to be a part of such a talented group of Metalsmiths.
Thanks everyone!
Victoria Takahashi
aka Experimetal

Wendy said...

It's such a fabulous and innovative idea. I think we should let as many people know about it as possible. When you think about it, our group is such a special phenomenon, that I'm sure the wider world would be interested.

The ideas and designs that have been thought up for the charms are just stunning and I feel so proud and privileged to be part of this group!

zJayne said...

I have just now come across your team and charm swap bracelet. What a beautiful...absolutely charming heirloom piece this will be. How exciting that you all did this together.

I hope to pay attention enough to come across the ONE that will be available!

Bravo! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures too.


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